This is a red spinel set into what I call a sweater snager. A little ostentatious, a little pretentious maybe a bit tall but not your everyday, going bowling ring. More of a statement, like I’m doing some day drinking and not much else except staring at me new spinel, that kind of statement. 14k white and rose accented with some crazy twisted wire we got from pulling apart an omega chain. The outer shell makes a beautiful flat wire coil. SD



 I can't make out what is between the twisted wire and the stone ??

Jerry in Kodiak

Nice piece!

Read the end of the description. That’s what’s in there

Lovin’ the color of your new Spinel. Interesting piece (and story). Like many a good story, it invites questions.

1mm (or smaller?) round Omega? Regular Omega shell would be kinda armadillo-ish pieces, methinks.

Also, what’s between the coil and center stone? In each corner. Look kinda triangular, gemmy, maybe facetted? Reflections in a bright-cut bowl?

Thanks for sharing.

So that is the chain shell. We but scrap so when we pulled that chain apart(can’t remember why) the outer shell pulled out and stretched into a long twisted wire

Interesting piece…love your droll statement about making it😆


The shape of the outer wire is great, nice contrast with the stone beyond simply doing a normal rectangle.