My work became copper plated!

Hi Daniel, Do you know about using hydrogen peroxide added to
sparex-type pickle for removing copper plating? Reactive Metals
publishes a paper about it. Here’s the off-the-top-of-my-head
too-lazy-to-go-find-the-paper summary: Take some hot pickle, put your
work in. Add hydrogen peroxide until you see some bubbling.
(proportions vary according to the strength of the chemicals and
temperature.) Let sit for a minute or two. Take out the work, scrub
it off (toothbrush, brass brush, scotch brite pad, pumice, or
whatever…). Repeat as necessary. This gets into the crevices
better than simple abrasion. Take care not to forget it in the
solution, as it will etch the surface in that case. As always, use
good ventilation. (side note to the person who asked about
ventilation: A fan blowing out the window is the cheapest option.
Make sure your soldering station or whatever you are ventilating is
between you and the ventilation. The next cheapest option is to buy
a bathroom vent fan, and install in a a window or hole in the wall.)

I suppose you could experiment, and see if it works to add hydrogen
peroxide to citric acid? If you do, let us know the result! Cindy