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My weirdest project so far

Also a tyrannosaurus rex tooth pendant (archeologist) and a piece
of the Berlin Wall in a pin (scavenger). 

I did a ring with a piece of the Berlin wall in it, two solidly
masculine hands clasped with the fragment between them, with the date
the wall went up on one wrist and the date the wall came down on the
other. A nice fragment complete with graffiti. I coated the piece
with epoxy first so it wouldn’t be porous and the paint wouldn’t

Janet Kofoed

David, I had a similar request years ago for a bracelet, 14K, and
acomplished it with some strips of 1" wide asbestos that I wet befor
winding it around her wrist. It was all painless and worked fine. A
happy customer. Joel

Joel Schwalb