My Wax-Carving Video

This video was filmed by me and a company that I used to write for. They asked me to do the filming after a 2 month wait, they edited with a few inserts added. This has now reached over 60,850 viewers.
Let me just tell you what you are seeing now has helped so many jewellers worldwide, it’s just phenomenal.
I’m so involved in filming and now writing, my legacy with my Blog and a few films I can rest assured my knowledge at the Diamond Setting bench has now reached proportions beyond what I originally planned.
I asked a close (bowling) friend of mine two years ago “How can I save my 60 years of Diamond Setting experience?” I searched some Google-applications, ‘well, the rest is history’.
I now have 143 tutorial essays, with only 2 years, there have been 51,636 viewers. “Not bad for a fellow who has a learning (dis)ability with Dyslexia”.
This video is not a short film, it’s 53 minutes in length and there isn’t any charge for anyone to watch it.
Kindly go to my link below and realize that all of this is for free. Anyone who wants to learn how to carve wax models can do so.
BTW, My wife wears the same silver pendant that appeared in this video.
Fondest regards to everyone.
Gerry Lewy!


I completely neglected to insert the video-link. My apologies as the original email showed the contact link. Here it is for you to view, again there is no charge to view this video. Other video’s have a charge, but not mine. Enjoy-Enjoy!
Gerry Lewy