My space for now

Im currently compacted into a small soace in my laundry area, so the house im signing papers on this week is going to give me a shop in the basement, one in the garage and an extra “clean” room for clay, resin, sewing room etc. It will be awesome to have soace and not look so cluttered, but here is my current set up.


Looking good!!

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I love this. Congrats on the new spaces coking up.

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Thanks for sharing! I also have a small space for my studio and you gave me some great ideas for tool storage! Like having a cloth tool belt/file slots hanging from the edge of the table… genius!!! I’m going to do that on my DeWalt tables that have holes for c-clamps. Brilliant idea, hanging tools from the table edge in a small space… thank you so much :heart:


We just purchased a house, so ill post pics of my massive downstairs shop. Its odd having so much space lol


Congrats on the new house!! Exciting!!

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