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My Orchid raffle Rio Grande products winnings


Hello All!

I just had to share with all of you what I have picked out so far
from Rio Grande with my $5,000 winning ticket (from the Ganoksin
annual Raffle held in February)!

After pouring through the Rio Grande catalogs, first thing I got was
a TX300 Fordam - I also got a Quick Change Handpiece and of course, a
hammer attachment! (I have been working in a bare-bones shop with a
fordam tool that must be 30 years old and really needs to be
refurbished!) I also ordered; a RIO kiln for enameling, granulation,
and PMC; a Raytech Magnetic Finisher; a benchmate with all of the
attachments, and a beautiful assortment of Fretz Hammers and forming
stakes. I am now wondering about the Durston Rolling Mill I have been
dreaming about, all the draw plates, a lapidary unit or a casting
machine with all of the accessories, or the fully enclosed polishing
unit??? Just can not make up my mind! What wonderful “problems” I
have today!

Thank you, Rio for your very generous contribution to Ganoksin and
for being so helpful when I call! Thank you to Ganoksin/Orchid for
creating this forum and for keeping it going.

I promise to have my website up soon - no excuses now! - Winning
this prize is confirmation that I am on the right path!

Robyn Kleinhans