My New Years Resolution

Greetings all and Happy New Year! May God bless you one and all!

It has been a common theme every year for folks to make truly well
intentioned resolutions about the coming months that all too often
fade into never quite being fulfilled. It’s a sad state of affairs
but, as I said, very common. We tend to set lofty goals driven
frequently by guilt, remorse, bulging mirror reflections and the
like. Then, when the resolutions fade away and reality slaps us
rudely in the face, we feel even more guilt and self-esteem sags
ever lower.

Well now there is a solution! It’s one that I have tried for many
years and without fail have succeeded every year without fail.
Somebody ought to bottle this and sell it for a handy profit but I
will share it for free, because it has been of inestimable value to
me for so long. It simply must be shared.

My resolution every year is simple and consistently attained. —I
resolve to make absolutely no other resolutions than this one.—
Simple, clean and easy. No guilt, overflowing self esteem and a
tremendous sense of accomplishment, without fail. My life has been
so much fuller that I just had to share it with those I care about.

Thank you so much for your time.