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My new set up


Well I have finally done it! I moved from the kitchen table to the spare room.
My stuff was taking up the whole dining room and I said we got to do something with all of this mess! Here are some pictures.

Now keep in mind I’m still organising, that file cabinet was a steal of a deal, I picked it up from the nature walk from the neighbor, I asked if I could take it first. Was painted yellow and looked a fright. My bench is made from a pallets and steel bed rails. None of the main furniture was bought, everything was made. Not the chair. What you can’t see is my touch, it’s located underneath the bench. Still much work to do. But I’m very happy with the way everything is going so far.


Cool to see so much self made tooling and benches, nicely done! Fun to see the gears in your rolling mill. Nice for you to have the photos before you break it all in too!
Thanks for posting.


Thanks so much for the support.
In my drawer for the silver scraps I have all my small cutting wheels, drill bits, you know all them attachments that go on your hand tool. I don’t have my cup burs or ball burs there yet. (Needs a better holder thinking about a circle wooden block.)

But you get the idea, there is little holes for them to slide into, each thing I do to the bench I plan it out. So it should be easy to get the things I need

Again… thanks for the support.


Those text labels are awesome - I love bench exchange :slight_smile: Hopefully this inspires some others to share their setup too!!


Thanks Seth! I hope so to. The text labels were made in photoshop Fix.
It’s an app you get from the tunes store. :grin::australia: (I got it for free to)


Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing your photos and I look forward to a few more once you’ve run through a bit of work.


This is what I settled on for burs.


Thank you Bob


Oo I love that, I have space in the drawer on the left. I think I may do this. Thanks for sharing


I really like the burr pyramid attached to the door! Great use of space.


Here are some videos I have made, showcasing some of the items I have made, also some videos on other things related to jewellery making.