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My new home made bench

This project took me year to finish


WOW Jeff, amazing work! But now, I’m officially a hack, lol! How do you like your Cab King? I keep leaning toward getting into lapidary to make my own cabs but probably DIY a little two wheel first just to keep the investment low until I see if I want to keep going. Again…really beautiful job on that bench!

Its a project not for the faint of heart.

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Amazing job! Can you do one for me? :laughing: really great job!
Saving the pictures to show my husband. Hopefully I put this on my wish list and I may get something similar. Thanks for sharing
God bless!


Great looking benches. I would have a hard time using them for fear of burning, scratching, denting or whatever to them. I can’t even use my own benches for a few days after I clean them. Nice job…Rob


At the end of the day it is made from hard wood and can be sanded and refinished if you had some kind of accident. I figure that if I am going to make something I am going to use great materials and make is special, otherwise I would just buy something.


Here is my set-up took me long enough to get back in action.


Absolutely fantastic bench and I really like your anvil set up too!

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Wow! Beautiful! Nice dog too.

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Maybe you should give up jewelry and just make benches? I thought that the dog was Major and that Joe had sent him to live with you now. Don’t worry, he only bites Republicans…LOL…


Well at the speed of my wood working I would go broke!

So beautiful. I would be afraid to use it. I hope you have a family member to pass this bench on to eventually because it is a legacy piece for sure.

WoW! That looks so unique and very strong bench ! You made for all your needs well done ! :heart_eyes:

Fantastic! Beautifully made and it will be a great experience to work at it time and again! Well done!


Beautiful bench and studio arrangement. I am looking for the “perfect” chair and yours looks as if it is comfortable. Could you share where you purchased it? Thanks.

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Thank you, I see if I can remember and write you back

Well I finally figured out what it is and where I purchased it!

Thank you so much for the information. I truly appreciate your going to the trouble to track down the info for me. I think it is probably a bit too high at its minimum height for me to work at a regular height table. Great for bench work however…so I shall put it on my list for when I add that to my studio needs. Again, thank you!

You should try to get a proper height bench ASAP. Working at dining table height is bad for your back, if you have to bend over, or for your knees, if you sit on a very low stool.
There are table-top mini-benches one can buy, mostly over-priced, IMHO. These will raise the work to a better height. You can easily knock together a makeshift table-top mini-bench out of plywood for less than the tool suppliers charge.
This one, though, seems not too expensive.

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While for stone setting and various other jeweler’s tasks, shoulder height is about right, for doing other things, such as forging silver, a much lower height is better. I wish I had known this years ago, when I adapted my old watchmaker’s bench for jewelry. Now I have a lower height cabinet next to the bench for soldering and I will add a heavy duty table for forging with some wooden areas for doming up things (“bumping up,” as the Native Americans say), a vise and a small railroad track anvil.