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My latest knives

Dear Orchid readers & knife fans,

If you haven’t been to my website, now is the time to visit. I’ve
updated my site with lots of news to report regarding my knife
career. I have strived to make my website informative and user
friendly, not only in regards to my work, but the craft in general.

Detailed images and on one of my latest knives entitled
"Icarus" have been added to the “Knives” section. This knife was
completed last year, however, it was started nearly ten years ago;
it is a unique blending of old and new styles. It features various
interesting new treatments and shapes. Please check it out, and let
me know your thoughts about it.

I also want to take this opportunity to announce my long awaited
return to the upcoming BLADE show; June 4-6 in Atlanta, GA (check my
"Calendar" for more info). Due to various circumstances, I’ve missed
the last three years of the show, so I have planned on making quite a
comeback this year. I will have FIVE knives on my table (#25-G),
including a delivery, and a borrowed knife. But most importantly are
the three AVAILABLE knives; a magnificent dagger, a small
fighter/desk knife, and an almost finished exotic stainless piece. My
display will be quite stunning, so please come by and take a look if
you are in attendance. I am in the back of the room, but believe me,
these will be the best pieces in the show and you won’t want to miss

Also added to the website is a Press Release for the forthcoming new
book: “Art & Design in Modern Custom Fixed Blade Knives”, which is
the follow up to the highly successful, “Art & Design in Modern
Custom Folding Knives”. I am part of a small handful of artists that
were asked to participate and have their work documented in BOTH of
these excellent editions by Dr. David Darom.

In recent activities, I was at the “Society of North American
Goldsmiths” annual conference. I gave an hour long lecture and
Powerpoint presentation on my work entitled; “The Art Knife: The
Passion, The Quest, The Controversy” to nearly three hundred people.
It was well received, and a blast to do. I look forward to more
opportunities to take my form beyond the knife world, and I have had
great support of my endeavors. I’d like to offer a special thanks
for everyone’s encouragement! To finish, all miscellaneous sections of
my website have been updated. A few of the foreign articles in the
Publications section of my “Resume” have been translated into
English. Also a few new “Testimonials” regarding my work have been
added. Enjoy, and please stay in touch.

John Lewis Jensen
(626) 449 - 1148

John–Your knives are spectacular and the website does them justice.
Your jewelry is beautiful and unique. My only complaint is that the
font is too small (at least for my eyes) and a little too difficult
to read. Good luck at the show, Sincerely Sandra B.