My latest designs

Hello fellow jewellers.

My name is Joan Codina, I make CAD files for other jewellers, I am based in London but I have customers in the US as well.

Just wanted to share my latest design, any feedback will be highly appreciated.

This is my online portfolio if you wish to check my work


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Nice enough looking. I presume there would be two files. One for the yellow and one for the white.
The diamonds would need to be set, finished and the beads pre polished in both the yellow and the white before soldering them together. I’d recommend that the Center prongs be fabricated and soldered in rather than cast.
That would make for better stronger prongs and make it much easier to clean up the top without having to file and finish without the Center prongs in the way.
Jo Haemer

I like the square “cut-outs” underneath the diamond holes. The name for
this (I believe) is Azure, great to see this still again & being used!

*Gerry Lewy *

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It will actually be made in many parts to make cleaning up much easier. Yes, the claws would be in platinum soldered together

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