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My latest creation!

Last Sunday morning, I set these stones & thought that it had a good
colour arrangement. I think it has the proverbial “Wow!” effect! A friend
gave it a name…a “Rainbow Ring!”
*Gerry Lewy. *
*Toronto, *Canada.


Beautiful work Gerry!

I know that it can be a challenge to flush set stones on a domed surface. To help with this in CAD I have been doing a some things which really help.

  1. build stone as close as possible to actual stone
  2. position table just below surface
  3. cut top hole @95% and bottom @50% or less. Will fine tune with burs.
  4. make stone cutter @103%
  5. make another cutter @100% and rotate very slightlyto one high side to help stone to drop in
  6. Lastly pipe a .2 mm around gem profile that extends .1mm from surface. This is to tighten stone if need and then removed. This is a big help when flush setting fancy cuts. This was a tip generously shared on Matrix forum.

I would be happy to help you with a project as you have helped so many of us.


I really appreciate your time in explaining your version of Gypsy Setting.
But I sometimes ‘Flush-Set, Princess-cut stones’, now that is not for the
’feint of heart’. On a difficulty Scale of 10, Flush setting those
intricate stones lays around 50/10…OY & Ouch!..:>)
My days setting stones for other people or clients are now long gone,why?
I am more involved now in teaching & writing “how to” essays. In fact, I’m
starting another ‘setting topic’ right now on Ganoksin…(can’t say any

In reply to “Franz”.

​ ​
One thing I must say in regards to your email is…“Flush Setting” on a
high dome-shaped ring is that the metal “
away” from the side of the stone. Actually, there is little metal holding
the girdles in places on those edges. The stone must be lowered 'deeper’
into the ring just to allow ‘some metal’ to catch the girdle of the sides
of the stone. Is this difficult in setting


determining the depth of any stone!
Always be careful that the culet doesn’t protrude through the bottom of
the ring! Measure the height of the dome
in relationship to the ‘table to culet’. Keep your digital gauges at hand,
you just can’t set
​your stone ​
and find out
​that later that ​
you made a mistake afterwards as the culet is showing!
​…(this is my next "
New Topic!)​
Sorry for the rambling & long reply..
​But your p​
​ ahead​
​any ​of these stones i
s paramount!
​ In​
​learning of ​
setting of
​these Flush-set ​
was done lo
ng before CAD came along!

*Gerry Lewy. *
*Toronto, *Canada.