My jewelry on national TV

Hi everyone. My work will be getting it’s greatest exposure ever
Wednesday 11. My wife, Jennifer, is going to be on the television
show Jeopardy. She wasn’t allowed to mention my work or me,
something was mentioned about “payola,” so there’s no promotional
plug. Still, I’m proud of her and really happy that my work will be
seen by a national audience. The show is on ABC. In our market it
comes on at 7 PM (EST), but you’ll have to check your local


Larry, it was wonderful watching Jennifer! I loved her “tidy whities"
answer and your jewelry looked beautiful on her! Will you advertize
"As seen on Jeopardy” now? I am sorry she did not win, she is a very
smart lady, but as a veteran Jeopardy watcher, that Final Jeopardy
question can really SKEW the results. Occassionally the 'right’
person wins and gets to go on to the next night. It is quite an honor
just to be on. Congradulations, Jennifer (and Larry)