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My jewellery selected and displayed at the Laura I Gallery, London

Last week at the last moment I had the courage to send an application for a
competition among artists in London organized by Laura I Gallery in London.

I was so surprised when I received a mail saying that I was selected ( I
almost lost hope)

Yesterday there was a private view at the Gallery where amazing people
visited the Gallery to view the selected artists’ work.

It was a blessing and a different feeling when people approached me and
asked me my inspirations for the jewellery.

Many liked my Japanese concept of Kintsugi where you do not throw old and
used materials when they are broken. Instead they mend it with gold. Others
liked the Chirpy bird and a sunrise enameled pendant.

This Orchid has motivated and helped jewellers like me, it has also
intimidated me by posting jewellery crafted by veterans:)

Thank you all.


Kavitha Balakrishnan.


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I read your stories on your web site. Keep it up! I hope others will be able to tell you where you can learn even more. The jewelry of India is made with magic.