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My "Jewellers Prayer" for you!

I was watching a religious program last weekend and during this
thoughtful session I came up with this little prayer. I think its a
’gem’. anyone can copy it for themselves, but I think it hits the
idea of “us” all right on…here goes…ready? I composed this

“…Thank you L-rd, for giving us the hands to create things
of beauty, and to create from raw metals items that will make
hearts jump for joy! …” let us all say…Amen !

( The reason of not writing the full name of the Supreme Being, is
that the name should not desecrated. The “Name” is Holy and must
never be thrown away, hence it is never written out in full . )

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter !
Gem Setting teacher for George Brown College
Casa Loma Campus". Toronto,Canada

Now I sit me down to solder,
A honkin’ big ring for some rich guy’s daughter
If the diamonds fall all over the floor,
It wouldn’t any different than the times before.

Our webmaster, who art in cyberspace,
Hanuman be thy name...