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My hammer stand and bench

This is my first post here. I have recently got into silver work. Mostly small bowls, leafs and such.

I like how my hammer rack turned out. I used exotic hardwoods with a nifty dolly from Harbor freight as the base so it rolls around. I am impressed with the setups that many have posted here and have seen some ideas that I will be using.


Greet looking bench. Jewelers and Diamond Setters. If you have broken handpieces. Send them to me for a free estimate. Charles Stuart. 1420 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229 or call me at 718-339-2640 also new or reconditioned handpieces at great prices. I distribute and repair the Badeco Hammer Handpieces as well at great prices.


Your hammer station is awesome! I like how you used magnetic strips to hold your chasing tools - well done!

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