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My gravers!


Although these gravers are so many years old, they are so still active in my Bright-Cutting & essay writing work!
You can see the different sizes of the gravers & their hardness!
It’s not the the length of the blade, but how the point of the graver can cut!
I make continuous inspections of the fine cutting. If there is any
need to polish the side of the graver, I will do so without any hesitation, and so should you!


Many thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping us.
Do you work with the gravers minus a handle, or do you insert them into a
handle as needed?

Noralie Katsu


Hi Noralie
All of my handles are put into an interchangeable handle. Instead of
buying 12 handles, I now buy one or two and insert when needed. There is no
other way of holding a steel blade in your fingers.
BTW, I use a double-screw handle…(as shown) this handle is very secure
and not allowing any movement while it’s in use! Remember, to tighten it
only ‘finger tight’ and not to tighten too hard as the screw-shaft is only
aluminium. Hope that this is a help to you and all, regards!

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Good to know. I made a (very lumpy) handle out of Jett Sett for one of
mine, but replaceable ones sound very practical.


Why are they different lengths and profiles? I would think a constant length would be a good feature.


When gravers get used, I place them into a standard length interchangeable
handle. What is inside the handle is of no concern, I can still extend it
further outwards if necessary. If I have a new long blade. I will insert
further inside the handle, basically it is the exposed length I am more
interested in…Gerry!

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Here is the appropriate length of the hand holding the graver-shaft!. The
graver tip must not extend further up in the hand. You can now wrap around
the graver, fingers & handle with greater ease while engraving! Hope this
explanation helps you & everyone.

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Gerry, perhaps a photo of the graver
being held as you would hold it while


Richard, and all!
Here is my collection of photographs showing the hand/fingers holding the
Graver! I use different pressures from my fingers to my graver during the
many different cutting steps. Just remember this is not a skill that is
learned in one or two days. Hope this helps!

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Hi Gerry,
I do read your articles even when not sent to me. Dick