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My first set of burs

I’m about to purchase my first set of burs. Bead and prong setting
mostly. I was wondering what brand to buy… a full set or just the
ones I use the most… and who to buy from. Thanks for your input

Welcome to the setters club! I still haven’t got my full set after 18
years, or it’s never full for long. I buy Busch myself, but i’m in
europe and not sure whats available where you are. Best get what you
think you need first and any extras after. Just remember to
constantly save for more from now on till you quit setting! Prices
jump from certain sizes so beware. Ball burrs are cheapest so get
what you need plus…aim for most (depending on needs). Cup burrs-
what kind of size prongs you have to deal with? 012 i think is a
waste of time (use a grainer tool). Twist drills -010 will do for
most cases.(if you need to drill holes for pave). Bearing cutter or
heart burr, 012, 014 are my most used. You need some idea of the
work you’ll be doing to make a list,then make a list and seehow much
it will cost against your budget. Then start deducting from the list
what you can live without for now. (you will always get carried
away). Repeat process forever onwards.

Chris Mead C.M

Hello “A&D”

So sorry for not getting to reply to this email from you. I would
suggest Busch burs for a start, next buy a box of round and bud with
the 156C or 'under-cutting burs. These burs come in packets or
"series of bur sizes" all in one box. This way you can figure out
which sizes to buy at a later date. As for who to buy from, I cannot
suggest one company in particular but Stuller is quite well known on
this Orchid web-forum. Speak to “Andy, the Tool Guy” he will surely
assist you greatly. Send him my personal regards…

Gerry Lewy!