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My First Piece of Many (Hopefully)


Hi there. I have been making beaded jewellery, chainmaille and wirework jewellery for some 13yrs, but recently took up silver smithing to further extend my skill set. This is my very first piece I made on my own. It’s not perfect, but it taught me a lot as I made it.


This a cool piece of jewelry. I can see it done in 4 colors of gold. A very good design. tom


Looks great. I agree that you learn by making. The really wonderful thing is that never stops.


Great work, first or not.
Thanks for sharing… post more as you go.
Thanks, Jim


Rings with movement but in to them are fun to make and fun to wear. Very nice Caz. Make many and have fun.



You can be very proud of that!


Do yourself a favor and don’t sell them!
Keep them as a proof and reminder of how you started making jewelry.
I still have my first piece which looks more awfull -in the bad way-) - then yours and I was proud at that moment.

Now I’m sailing others waves and improved my skills after more then 20 years.
The message is, I’m still improving and like it very much.
Thank you for reminding me at my first handmade item.


Wonderful! I agree, keep it. Have fun and keep up progress. One valuable suggestion made in a class i took that I will pas on. “Never be afraid of taking the same class over from another teacher. You never know what little bits of techniques a new person can pass on to you.”


Thank you for your words of kindness. I learned a lot while making it, and maybe, not what to do next time. Everything is still a learning curve at this stage.


Lovely ring. I think of every piece I make as practice. I’m don’t think that will ever change.


Good for you! A journey of a thousand miles… keep up the good work!


Well, here’s my second spinner ring:


Hi Caz…
Nice, I like the coined details (well done) and the hammered copper is a great contrast.
Keep up the good work.


I love this. Woud love to see a picture of it being worn?


My daughter “borrowed” it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try to remember next time I see her.


Hi Cas this is a super piece, my congratulations! Keep on doing this and sharing your work, which certainly encourages me . Frank


Cas can you share how you perfected the inner, spinner ring and made the outer shap. It is fantastic. Frank2


This piece was a bit of trial and error for me. I attached one of the embossed wire lengths to the flat sheet, then made the ring, but it was very hard to get a neat join, so for the other end (after putting the copper ring around it) I made a ring out of the embossed wire and then soldered it to the main ring, that was a much easier option.


Thank you Cas. I am encouraged to know you are, like me, learning as you go! I am having difficulties with the shape of the inner ring. Did you use a doming punch or only the manner you described? Keep up the good work, and thanks again

Regards, Frank

Frank W Wilson


I just cut it to the length/width I wanted and then joined it.