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My favorite files

Hello all,

6" Barrette Needle File, Cut #6, 3" Cutting Surface

This is one of my favorite files which can be difficult to find. My
local supplier stocks them for $17.85:

Alcan Jewelry Supply
282 Adelaide Ave.
Providence, RI 02907

My three favorites are all 1/2 rounds, eight inches long with
handles attached. #0, #2 and #4.

I probably do 60% of my work with these three. Do not let my wife
know because I tell her the other 20 or so files are all needed as

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

like all shop I have tons of files, I do a lot of carving metal or
other, butmy favorite file is a 10" half round ring file a very old
swiss Grobet at #3. it is for sizing and clean up insides of rings,
with one swipe you can remove a lot of material but still have a
smooth finish. I have not seen one of these ever, bought this one
from an old employer closing shop.

Atelier Hratch Babikian
contemporary Jewelery and sculpture