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My favorite disaster thread

I have seen a whole lot of questions & answers go by on this
(and other ) lists. but something is missing.

We have a large laboratory working away but we are not getting
results reported. [what the devil is this guy talking about]

Example; there was a recent thread about pewter repair. I
forget who started it, but what did you try and what results did
you have?

many more of this type i am sure just the first one came to
mind, possibly because I made one of the suggestions. even if
you decided not to touch this repair that is a datum that might
affect the next choice for some one else Remember all the
warnings about class ring repair.

maybe we should have a my favorite disaster thread for a while,
some of the proffesional mechanics magazines have a worst owner
repair issue every year.

I like it! My own favorite disasters could give distress around
here for weeks! I’m just afraid of appearing prejudiced against
our sales staff. Some of my most spectacular screw-ups have come
about from lack of understanding what they mean (“Make the bezel
WIDER! WIDER! NO, WIDER! Oh wait, didn’t I say deeper?”), or from
them not understanding what I mean (on an eternity band model,
all-around bezels: “Is it easier to take down the height in wax
or after it’s cast?” “It doesn’t matter; either way you screw up
the settings and the stones won’t fit.” “No, no, you’re not
answering me: is it EASIER to do in wax or metal?”). This does
NOT mean I never screw up; I just screw up BETTER with a little

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to respond to the responses. I
had to close my store for 10 days to catch up on the 11 months of
paperwork I needed to meet the second extension deadline for
income tax.(sound familiar??) My accountant is ready to hang me
by my toenails. A large bouquet of flowers for her and her staff
this morning may have saved my life. Now if I can just remeber
what sleep is…

At any rate, thank you to all who gave the scoop on pewter.
Since this break was on a very thin axle holding a wheel onto a
very old pewter sculpture, I opted for the rational way out. I
told the customer I couldn’t do it, but I will let her know if I
find anyone who can.

Any takers?

Now if I can just stay awake for the next four weeks, I might
catch up on my benchwork. Been trying since January to hire
someone part-time and still am having no luck. Anyone new on
Orchid in the southern NH area looking for a job? I even have
room for someone to set up their own shop to do trade work when
not working for me. Would be willing to trade space for work,
or do salary.

Buried in New Hampshire,
Sharon Z.
GoldStones, Inc.