My fascination with fusing fine silver continues

hello all,

I live in a small town in Alaska, USA. the internet is my classroom.
your words teach me.

my fascination with fusing fine Silver continues unabated. I’ve done
my preliminary ‘wing it’ experimentation and discovery, notes at: (7 MB) and I’m
ready to pursue technique. anyone who wishes to discuss the finer
points of fusing metals is most welcome to contact me off-list.

I’m using three books:

Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains & Their Derivatives by Jean Rest Stark

Silver Wire Fusing by Liz Jones

The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight

the construction of simple classical chain rings represents a
control group of repeatable technique with which to learn the art of
fusing. my ultimate interest with fine silver is one-off jewelry
design and sculptural expression.

currently, I’m wanting to understand the technical reasons that the
silver will sometimes flow into lumps on the rings. I know it’s caused
by an application of heat, but why does it flow this way? what is the
repeatable nature? my intent is to control all aspects of the flow.
it’s only a flaw if I didn’t want it.