My Depaeture from list

Hi Folks

I have been a member of Orchid for many years now. I used to be
very active, but I have become succumbing to the long term effects
of diabetes. I am lucky to be able to keep up with my Email much
less with the list.

A little over 2 weeks ago I entered hospital with severe low back
pains after I tripped over my 3yr. old grand daughters’ toy which
lay on the floor. A C.A.T. scan test showed 2 crushed vertebra.
Less than a week later, late at night and on my way to the Men’s
Room, I lost my balance, slammed into a breathing machine and
bounced off of the floor. The last fall resulted in 2 very bruised
upper right frontal and 3 cracked lower right ribs. I have gotten a
furlough from “LIFE”, which may end up as a mustering-out order.

Thanks Dr. Aspler for all of your generosity.

Warmest Regards to all.

** Hanuman’s Response **

Skip, I was deeply saddened to read about your tragic accident. I
wish you a swift and sure recovery and to your family, the strength,
patience, and perseverance to help you through.

with best wishes from your Orchid friend Hanuman