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My buffer motor croaked!

My beloved Baldor double spindle motor just bit the dust last night.
NOBODY has the same motor available. We checked Grainger (where I
bought it) Rio, Stuller, and all the other usual sources including All I can find are single spindle models and double
spindle ones that are underpowered. We are going to look into
getting it repaired if possible. This one is a sealed motor and a
powerhouse. It is about 10 yrs old and has polished literally
thousands of pieces. Any suggestions to locate a replacement would be
gratefully accepted.

Thanks. Ruthie

I had a Baldor motor rewound at an electrical shop about 28 years ago
and it is still buffing. See if you can stillfind an electrical
repair shop where you live.

Good luck,

Two suggestions, first get the model number and call Baldor directly
they have been quite helpful when I needed on a private
labeled Baldor motor recently. They should be able to tell you who
sells the motor you want. Second find a motor repair shop. I have
had my Baldor with the Wells quick chuck rebuilt by the local motor
repair shop.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Hello Ruthie,

Sounds like we have the same buffer. I found one here:

Jeff Herman


Against all advice and good sense, I “temporarily” replaced my
ailing Baldor with a one-fourth horsepower motor from Harbor Freight,
and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Several other metalworkers have
commented on how smooth the motor runs.

Some Harbor Freight motors have ball bearings and some have
bushings. I made sure I was getting a motor with ball bearings.
Before I took the motor from the store, I rough checked that it
"felt" smooth when the spindle was rotated by hand, and that the
spindle ran true. When I got the motor home, I checked it with more
appropriate instruments, and the motor passed with flying colors.

I know many people are highly skeptical of any HF product, and so am
I, but in this case, I came up a winner. With care, you should be
able to do so as well.

I originally purchased the HF motor as a stop-gap until I could get
my Baldor repaired. The motor I bought runs so well the Baldor is
still on the shelf, awaiting repair.

Also, the HF motor cost me $35. How much does a Baldor cost?

My beloved Baldor double spindle motor just bit the dust last
night. NOBODY has the same motor available. 

Google “Baldor buffers” They list > 1000 buffers (including double
spindle) - 1/4 to 7 1/2 HP [ Baldor dot com ]

Pam Chott

Ruthie, Baldor motors are manufactured in Fort Smith, Arkansas. You
might try and contact them directly. Try the Fort Smith chamber of
commerce to get contact info. Frank Goss

Hi Ruthie,

I know Baldor makes double spindle motors for Diamond Pacific. They
are only 1/4 HPR though and custom made for the rock polishers they
sell. Perhaps you can contact Baldor directly. My double spindle
motor on my Genie just conked out too and the mechanic has pronounced
it dead!

under the ‘dental’ section

Mark Zirinsky


What is usually the first thing to look into when your motor won’t
start is the large capacitor that gets it up and running from
stationary. These are pretty much generic parts that most motor
repair shops would be able to replace for you at much lest cost than
a new motor. Good Luck, those Baldors are nice motors.

David L. Huffman

Baldor… - phone 901-365-2020 fax 901-365-3914

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

You’re probably better off trying to find a local electric motor
repair shop that will rewind your Baldor motor. The keyword is
"local" meaning they do the work on the premises and not send it out
to China or another 3rd world country. Ask your local mechanic about
how many rebuilt alternators they have to replace for customers
because the rebuilt alternators fail within whatever warranty period
the mechanic gives.

A few years ago Baldor started having their motors made in China and
since then the motor’s lifespan is greatly reduced. New Genie’s
motors going out after a year or so of regular use is not unusual.
I’m not knocking Diamond Pacific because they produce quality
equipment but since the Baldor motor is an integral part of the Genie
and Titan design you are pretty much stuck with rewinding or
replacing the Baldor motor.

For the short term you can buy a Harbor Freight 1/2 or 1 hp grinder.
Strip off the guards and grinding wheels. Find threaded tapered
shafts that will fit on the grinder shafts. Or if you have the type
of tapered shafts that slide on and have allen screws to tighten you
can grind flat spots on the threaded shafts of the grinder and
install the tapered shafts.

My buffer motor burned out years ago and I’ve been using my
"temporary" Harbor Freight grinder motor since.

Brand new equipment is always nice but I prefer the stuff made back
in the 1970’s. My lapidary saws and grinders were made back then and
if I need to replace a motor I can go to my local heating and air
conditioning shop and buy a used furnace motor for around $20 or
order a brand new one from Grainger for $60 to $150 depending on the
motor. V-belts I can get at Ace Hardware, Big R, or Grainger. The
bearings are all replaceable at the local bearing shop or Grainger.
Any precision shafts can be ordered from McMaster or Grainger, etc. A
little mechanically ability goes a long way on a thin wallet.

Rick Copeland

I have a Baldor double spindle, 1/2 HP, polishing motor that I
purchased from Rio Grande several years ago. It does everything I
need to polish heavy fabricated and forged cuff bracelets. It is
still in the Rio catalog (on-line). Go to

You can probably find it elsewhere and pay less in shipping. I bought
it to replace the double spindle dental lathe that I had been using
for thirty years.

Rob Meixner - Jewelry