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My benches and thank you

I am self taught and am enjoying my addiction to this hobby. I have been coming here for awhile, mostly lurking and learning. I have learned a lot from the people at ganoksin, thank you all.


I am fortunate to have a lot of space – so here is my shop:


Very nice. Thank you for posting.

Hello Kathleen, I just took a moment to come in from my yard work and I opened up my Ganoksin moment and seen your workplace. I am very pleased to see your work area, so neat and clean, it goes to show the person that you are. I couldn’t help notice your flexshaft at the far end of your bench, and I did notice the rheostat sitting nearby and it wasn’t a Lucas #9 Lowboy that we manufacture, oh well, maybe in the future you may have a need to purchase the “Best” controller in the industry. :grinning: Thank you for your time, and stay safe, Sincerely, Richard Lucas