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My bench in a Dutch Attic


I like that; very efficient, and great light from the window!

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Very nice space.


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Very inspiring - & very clean!

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Here are two views of my Diamond Setting bench, it might look very rudimentary to you. But from this bench, this is where my “” originates.This bench is actually under a flight of stairs leading from the main floor of my home, to the basement. I now-find “bright lights” are too demanding on my now overly-sensitive eyes. OUCH!

In this bench, I have just for this photograph, laid out an arrangement of mostly all of my burs. Plus an extra assortment of MORE burs still in their bur mini-bur boxes, these are numbered and still left un-opened for easy identification.

burs only.jpg

These “three, bur-pads” are my ‘twist-drills’ and the others are my often used burs. I gotta have them near my hands & fingers.


These are my “mini, inventory” of extra burs, I can’t start any new setting, if I don’t have them on-hand.
I’m going to start a new tutorial essay just on this ‘collection of extra new burs’.
Gerry Lewy!


I love how you’ve made use of the space. Very creative. :+1:

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My bench that I made while apprenticing in Germany 1965, and main work shop.


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