My 2 cents - or- Small Scale Casters

I am delighted to read Don’s “How-To” on Steam Casting. It’s a
worth while addition to the Orchid newsgroup. Obviously a lot of
hard work is going into it. I am very much appreciative of this
as I’m sure is everyone who reads it.

Almost everyone starts out small scale … but almost all small
scale-ers have large scale dreams. I know there is plenty of
room for everyone on Orchid. There always has been, which is why
I like this newsgroup so much.

I hope the beginners and small scale casters are not as shy
about asking questions as Don suggests they may be. Who better
to learn from than the many experienced casters on Orchid? The
ones who started small scale, made all the mistakes and learned
enough from them to grow to large scale! A separate newsgroup
for beginners and small scale casters is just fine (and i’ve
already signed up) but I think you are missing an incredible
opportunity if you don’t ask your questions here on Orchid too!

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
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