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Must sell two unique gems

Many of you know me from the early Orchid dinners in Tucson, or from
my work fabricating one of a kind high end jewelry in gold and
platinum. As a jeweler, I only bought the best, most unusual gems I
could find.

Unfortunately, my health has taken a nosedive and I just spent 30
days in the hospital, where I was told I was going to die.
Fortunately, I’m still here, but have no income for the foreseeable
future. That means I need to sell my two remaining gems.

Both were bought wholesale from Dana Schorr of Schorr Marketing
around 2001, at the AGTA show in Tucson. Both were cut with concave
facets by Richard Homer. Neither have ever been mounted and are in
pristine condition.

The first is a cherry red Oregon Sunstone. Keystone shape, low
faceted table, with radiating concave cuts in the pavilion, making a
flame sort of pattern face-up. It is 6.62 cts, 16 mm long, with the
keystone width from 13-6 mm, and a depth of 7 mm. The photo shows a
hint of green at the corner, which isn’t visible otherwise. I don’t
recall exactly what I paid, but it was around $2500. I’m asking $1500
for it.

The second is a very fine Pakistani Peridot. Oval paisley shape,
faceted table and pavilion, with the concave cutting forming the
paisley. 21.47 cts, 25.4 mm x 16.5 mm and 10.6 mm depth. I paid
$400/ct or $8588 and am asking $6000.

If these gems are not right for you, I’d appreciate any
recommendations as to who else might be interested. I have attached
photos. They are unable to show the real beauty, but will give you a
good idea of what I have. I can be reached at

Best to you all,
Karen Hemmerle


you may want to repost photos that open in a reasonable amount of
time and fully. i had trouble with the recut oval and neither
sunstone opened correctly- in fact one was not found on the server at
all (a 404 error).

BTW that’s a pretty steep price for a peridot that looks like the
lapidary just recut a chipped oval stone!..rer


Wow, of course I remember you. I also have had less of a presence on
Orchid due to health and poverty. I too am still alive living with
cancer and have added Nutrition to my healthy living.

I wish I were in a position to buy your gems, sadly I am not.
Perhaps a Crowd Funding effort, as was suggested to me may raise
funds for medical bills. I never had that courage.

Please PM me, if you feel I may have experiences to share for living
beyond expectations.

Hugs and more,

The sunstone has found a new home with an Orchid member who loves
it. To clarify Mr Rourke’s comments about the peridot, based on
conversations with the original seller, the late Dana Schorr, and
recent email with the cutter, Richard Homer, this is not a recut
chipped stone. The faceting of the pavilion is not the same as usual
oval cuts, and the off-center culet couldn’t possibly be from from
recutting a standard oval, as that would cause the pavilion to be
very shallow, which it is not.

I’ve attached a smaller photo, in hopes it’s easier to see.

Karen Hemmerle