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Museum wax- Has anyone heard of . . .?


Hi! I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a wax (used to
protect finish of metal and/other surfaces) called "museum wax."
If such a product exists, who is the supplier and what would
such a product cost?

Thanks for any . . . Rita


TSI Inc. 101 Nickerson, PO Box 9266, Seattle WA 98101, Ph
800-426-9984 carries a product called Renaissance Wax. I think
this is the product you’re looking for.


TSI Inc., 101 Nickerson,.P.O. Box 9266, Seattle WA. 98101, Ph.
800-426-9984 carries a product called ‘Renaissance Wax’. I think
this what you are looking for. Puts a very durable coating on
finished pieces. Win robertson


Thanks!!! I truly appreciate this Rita


Woodworkers also use this so you might find this at a store that
provides hardwoods and tools. Marilyn Smith


We got some wax called Museum Wax that is VERY sticky and used
by museums to keep items from falling over in earthquakes or
other viberations. Got it at a pottery supply house in San
Francisco. Very different from the paste waxes so far mentioned,
but it might be what you are after.


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