Museum show - Thracian Gold

The Detroit Institute Of Arts has the show Ancient Gold: The
Wealth of the Thracians June 27th through August 29th.
Wednesday, July 21st there is a gallery tour with Professor
Thomas Madden, head of the metals department at Center for
Creative Studies. This is the last stop of the seven city tour.

The show consists of more than 200 pieces of gold and silver
objects dating from 4000 BC to the third century AD. There is a
page with some images at the museums website.

If anyone wants to get together to visit the show I’m game.

Dick Caverly

I saw this show in Boston a couple months ago. The pieces are
incredible. Many of them are in pristine condition, dug up in the
past 20 or so years. The workmanship is amazing.

Rick Hamilton

I saw the show when it was in San Francisco. I’m sure I freaked
out the guards, as I kept trying to peek behind cases set against
the wall to see the findings on the backs of pieces.

When will the museum show folks learn ti put mirrors behind the
worksd so that we can look at the backs and the findings?

There are some wine cups in the show with mirrors under them to
show the resposse. Very nice. Some of this stuff is 3000 BC!!

I have a Bulgarian friend who told me not tomiss this show.
Thrace was in what is now Bulgaria.

Give us a review when you see it.