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Muriatic acid - modern terms for ancient ones


G’day. Be it known here that the proper name for:-

Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid. (HCl)
Spirits of salt is hydrochloric acid (HCL)
Vitriol or oil of vitriol is sulphuric acid
Spirit of hartshorne is ammonia
Bluestone is copper sulphate
Lime sulphur is calcium sulphide  (used for blackening or 'antiquing'
									silver) - see garden shops
Vinegar is dilute acetic acid
Alcohol is ethanol
Verdigris is copper hydroxide & carbonate.
Rust is ferric oxide...............................

Anyone wants to know other modern terms for ancient ones, please
just ask! Let’s get into the 21st century in Orchid, eh? And
heaps of cheers. John Burgess


John, I would like to add one little item – not everybody will
realize that while Ethanol is an alcohol, they might realize
that there are a multitude of other alcohols; a couple of very
common ones are Isopropyl alcohol or Isopropanol, often called
"rubbing alcohol" and Methyl alcohol, or Methanol, sometimes
called “wood alcohol” (and quite poisonous). The latter, in
particular, should most definitely not be substituted for (or
thought of as being the same as) Ethanol!



You’re on, Mr. Burgess. As it happens, I have a strong interest
in pre-modern jewelry techniques, and I have gotten hung up on
some of the terminology used in some of the Reniassance artist’s
and jeweler’s books.

Rock Alum: how is it related to the alum used in pickling (food
preservation) and are they interchangeable?

I’ve found a lot of conflicting on this one.

Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL OR @Ron_Charlotte