Munich or Basel Show?

Hi there

I have not been to any of the European international trade fairs on
the continent yet (I am based in the UK) but this year for the first
time would like to go along to one to look out for some new suppliers
of stones and findings and the like.

I would really appreciate any advice…

(1) I was thinking of either Munich or Basel - any advice on which
is better?

(2) Does anybody have any advice on where to stay close to either of
these venues - not too far away and not too pricey.

Many thanks in advance

I am sure I have seen a similar question to this being asked before
but can’t find it in the archives - so sorry if this has already been
answered recently!


Hi Harriet

Try Basel, much more to see.Dont stop in Basel far to expensive,
stay in France or Germany & travel in by train

David Sheard
ps you can contact me on 01244 604935 after 6pm