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Multiple soldering operations with argentium silver

almost always seems to be an issue . any tips or is argentium over rated ? Heating discolors the metal and is time consuming to clear up

Its still silver. You heat it too much and there will be fire scale. It’s better than regular silver though. Personally I prefer Stullers Sterlium and continum silvers.

John Wade, which solders do you use for
sterlium and continuum?

Never had a problem with any major discoloration on Argentium ss, nothing a quick pickle then the usual polishing. I use Argentium 960 from G&S metals. I heat just the area to be soldered , flow the solder then remove the heat. I let it air cool for a few seconds then quench. The solder is argentium solder. And no special pickle. I find Zam for a final polish gives it an awsome shine.
It takes a little bit to adjust to it but I love working with Argentium.

I use an easy, medium and hard solders depending on what I am doing. If you are assembling multiple pieces you start with and and work down to the easy. If I can tack weld parts together first then I prefer to use the medium and less heat. Are you protecting the metal with a borax and alchohol solution? and are you using a paste flux like Dandix? Stuller sells solders formulated for Sterlium and continuum.

I only use Argentium and LOVE it! I have not had it discolor. I dip the entire piece in yellow My T flux and then fuse. I do very little soldering since it fuses so beautifully. I save the soldering for the last details like adding a bail. Even when doing hammer set cab rings, I fuse during the entire process. Never any fire scale or fire stain.