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Multi diamond bezel necklace

Do any of you Orchidians have any suggestions on how to hold bezels
in a multi stone necklace for setting. You know the kind that looks


I have a laser and I tried to weld it to a stock signet ring, but
its just not efficient. Any suggestions would be greatly

Scott Isaacs
Berry’s Jewelry Co.
Nashville, TN
Cad/cam and laser services to the trade

Sorry for that snobbish reply, since you do Cad/Cam you could use
your mill and manually mill into a small steel block to make a
setting fixture, or even a piece of scrap cast iron. Although given
the density of the metal a piece of hot rolled steel would be better,
mill a hole of sufficient depth to hold the bezel but leave the top
exposed so that you can burnish or hammer the bezel over the stone.
Cut the hole with a two-flute end mill so you get a flat bottom in
the hole, put the bezel in the hole, and then use your engravers
block or just a simple bench vise to hold your custom-made setting
fixture. This should present no problem with a Taig, Sherline, MaxCNC
or the Model Master or Wolverine. An actual milling machine that
still has handles; otherwise, you will have to write your own G code.
For something that simple, that would be no problem. Depending on the
size of the stone, you possibly could purchase an end mill of a near
appropriate size. If your machine doesn’t use a vise or hold down
clamps you might want to try it with a piece of aluminum You won’t
get the same density which will translate into the fixture not having
the density in relationship to use of a impact hammer

For the sake of simplicity, you could even take a sheet of copper of
perhaps 16 Ga. and just drill a hole through it just to allow the
bezel to fit with out binding. Then place the setting in the hole
place this on a hard solid surface and burnish or hammer the edge
over the stone. If you are having an issue with cutting the seat,
perhaps try placing the tube in a pitch cup if you have a GRS
Benchmate or just a pitch bowl. You can place several in a cup, or a
lot in a small pitch bowl. Cut your seats then clean the pitch off,
put them in either of the above described fixtures and Yabba Dabba
Doo you’ll soon be through. Now how’s that for artistic
interpretation A milling machine is the most versatile machine
found in a shop, it’s uses are endless they are good for far more
than milling model board or wax.

Kenneth Ferrell

I’ve always easy soldered them to a t-bar (however this only works
for stones that don’t mind the heat that it takes to heat up the
solder to remove them). When setting heat sensitve stones I’ve soft
soldered them to a t-bar. Once the stones are set then I connect
them to the chain.

Leslie Anne Wright Macy

I don’t worry about holding them. I just use a bezel punch. A couple
taps with a hammer and the bezel is perfectly closed providing the
diamond is seated correctly. If the diamond is poking out the back,
just cut an appropriate holder into steel with your cad/cam
equipment, super easy to do, I do it frequently. You can create your
own bezel punches as well, simple stuff, just take very light passes
if you have lightweight equipment. Think outside the box… You’ve
got cad/cam equipment, that’s toolmaker stuff! :slight_smile:

Jeffrey Everett