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Mugget jewelry


I said I thought I would have fun making a nugget, but I didn’t
realize how much until I was sitting there watching my workbench
ignite under the lump of molten gold that went rolling off of my
not quite level charcoal block. I also never would have imagined
that something as heavy as gold would splash when poured. Oh,
yes, I had lots of fun. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt during all of
this revelry (sp?). The first one I did was rather flat and came
out looking like a map of Texas. The customer was not
impressed. The second one was more teardrop in shape and more
three dimensional and she loved it.

Once again, thanks for all of your help. I learned a lot on this one.

Have a great week!

Sharon Ziemek
GoldStones, Inc.