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Muehlmatt Ball Vise Question

I was able to purchase a beautiful Muehlmatt ball vise at an estate sale this week and it appears to be in wonderful condition. It has the complete accessory set with it. I was wondering if anyone can help out with the accessories. See the attached photo. There are 4 large arms in the accessories that have rubber on the end. They are much heavier gauge than any of the other accessories and don’t fit in the holes on the vise. Does anyone know how those are supposed to be used? Thanks

Well that makes sense. I took the plates off that have the holes and underneath is only the holes the screws go in. I’m guessing it was an accessory set that was for multiple ball vises then. Thanks for your help.

Hi Bernie,

If you remove the top black half-circles with all the little holes, you should find the larger holes just beneath to receive the ‘arms’:

Those arms hold plates (large flat sheet, such as a dish or small tray).

Your attachments look new while the ball looks old, so I don’t know if your ball block will in fact receive the arms. Do let us know…!

Janet in Jerusalem

[Oops! I reposted before I saw your reply… The person whose photos I cropped to show the relevant parts wants me to replace them with the full photos, but it was easier just to delete my original post and repost with better (more appropriate) photos, thus this second post.]