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MT-4 sonic Vibratory Tumbler

I am looking to get a tumbler for a final polish of white gold ring before rhodium plating.
I am interested in MT-4 Mini Sonic Vibratory Tumbler.
The reason it is quiet and has no mechanical parts.
Is anyone using it?
Would it be strong enough for my purpose?
The only options I have is Raytech or MT-4.

I use a magnetic tumbler and using steel-shots! The name of mine is an
"ACE, Magnetic Barrel, Super Mini, Series QYMM-100"
I also use my mini-tumbler AFTER the silver rings have been polished. This is so safe to use, even with CZ’s!!!

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

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Thank you Gerry.

Stuller carries a great little mag unit, 47-4137.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194

I have an MT-4 and I don’t like it for steel media. It does work well with Diamond Pacific Vibra-dry media with 50,000 diamond grit. It doesn’t hurt stones, even nice opals. If you are looking to polish a ring with stones, that is the only machine and media I would recommend. It is also very quiet.

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I used a mini sonic 2 hopper unit for over a decade before it finally wore out after thousands of hours - had to replace the hoppers once as they wore through and began to leak. Burnishing did seem to work best with porcelain rather than steel. Cutting action is much faster than any vibratory bowl unit. Capacity is limited, any more than a dozen rings at a time and they’d begin dinging each other up. Keep an eye out for the big sonic unit - heavy aluminum base with two lined metal hoppers, now sold by Diamond Pacific - I found one at a garage sale for $50 (!!!), the deal of a lifetime.

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Thanks everyone
So Mt-4 it is.
Need to experiment with different media for the best burnishing.

Hello Judy,

“Diamond Pacific Vibra-dry media with 50,000 diamond grit. It doesn’t hurt
stones, even nice opals”

Anything that comes in contact with this abrassive diamant media will be
effected … no doubt about it!.
It might be that you don’t see it with the naked eye but especially opals
wil be worn off by this media.

Even sapphire and emeralds will loose some of the fine edge between two

Diamond abbrasive media will effect anything which is softer then diamond,
diamonds aswell.

If you use polishing times of 20 up to 30 minutes with this media, you’ll
better keep an eye on soft stones.

Objects with stones are best polished manually to my opinion.

Best regards