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MSDS for Pardo jewellery clay

A few weeks ago I purchased three jars of a product called Pardo
Jewellery Clay. This product is from a company in Germany named Viva.
A search of the company web site and an email sent to at least one
distributor of the product line have failed to locate the major items
that I had been looking for. Specifically, I would like to find the
MSDS for this formulation of metal clay. The packaging (the product
comes in a jar) states that the product contailn beeswax as a binder
and that firing can be done in a household oven at 266 degrees F (130
degreed C) for 30 minutes. Can these products (I bought one jar of
gold, one jar of silver, and one jar of bronze jewellery clay) also
be fired using a gas torch?

Thank you,

James, one of my friends has been using the Pardo jewellery clay,
which is a polymer clay that comes in a big variety of colors. She
has used the metallic colored ones, and likes them very much.
However, she said that

she fires it in a toaster over, which she sets outside as there is a
lot of odor from the melting beeswax.

I asked her if she tried torch firing it, and she said she had not,
because it would be very messy, and she was afraid of igniting the
wax. Also, she was concerned about whether or not the fumes were
toxic—another reason for firing it outside.


It’s just the colour of the polymer clay, not a metal clay. I
wuldn’t fire it with a torch - the clay would likely ignite and you
would be smoked out of your house.

We carry Pardo Pro, which is the slightly stiffer, more advanced
version, but they are basically the same. We have the MSDS online and
you can find it by going to and
looking up the product. The MSDS are also separately available. No,
you cannot torch fire it. The baking temperatures are way too low.
Burning Pardo is burning plastic, and not advisable.