Moving to the US Virgin Islands

Hello Members!

I have been offered a job on St.Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Does
anyone have any experience doing such a thing? Could you be kind
enough to email me your tips, story, things to be aware of, cost of
move, and especially salary data. I am a extremely skilled designer,
wax carver, fabricator, and setter with 35 years experience. Any help
from you is greatly apreciated.

Thanks L.M. Flynn

do not think twice pack your bags and go. store any large items with
family as it cost a fortune to send it over only take what you can
carry, most places come furnished. your employer can help you with
housing get a room mate at first till something small and cheap opens
up. the closer to the water the more $$$$ you will pay but the pay is
good in most cases. but see to it they get you a round trip open
ended ticket. there are a few scammers out there but for the most
part skilled labor is impossible to find. some islanders are just
lazy but the rest never had the chance to learn any real skills chefs
and jewelers are always in high demand. i was a chef for over 30
years and when ever i wanted a free vacation i would go over to work
for a month. some islands have work contracts saying you agree to
work for a amount of time 30 days 60 6 month a year. it can be a two
edged blade if you do not like the person you are working for you are
stuck if he does not like you you are still stuck there can’t be
fired.personally i avoid those work contracts. and they are found
more around roatan. If given the chance to go again i would but no
one wants some one in a wheel chair.

good luck