Moving to Ireland

As an American living in the UK, I have both UK/European appliances
and also use some of my 110 suitably through a transformer. Don’t
buy the transformers before moving as they weigh a ton & will up your
moving weight a great deal. The 60 cycle/50 cycle problem: almost
none of your digital clocks will keep correct time. May as well put
them in storage. Do not bother to bring your microwave. Even on a
transformer the US style overheat in nanoseconds and also blow up.
Much better to get a 220v one here. I run my American vacuum cleaner
on a transformer. I think it is “aging” pretty quickly, as it was new
2 1/2 years ago. But it has a much better vacuum than the local
version, I don’t know why. Things that rotate (fans, motors, etc.)
are probably going to go slower (as the clocks) and this “may” age
them sooner than usual.

I don’t want to bore the list, but if the person wishes to know more
of the nitty gritty of daily living here, please feel free to contact
me off-list. Another person to talk to would be Brian Clarke, as he
lives in Ireland. He might have some good advice about your tools.

Eileen Schneegas
Middlesex, England
Snow Goose Designs, Metal & Enamel Art

Hi! I am a jeweler and enamelist moving to the Dublin area of Ireland
in August. We will be staying for two years. I am very excited at
the prospect of getting to know such a fascinating country, and
anticipate a rewarding and enriching experience. I am searching for
a studio space I can rent, and wonder if there are any Irish Orchid
members who might know of some leads… We are going to be living in
Malahide on the northeast side of the city. I don’t want retail
space… I mostly sell in the US and will continue to do so. I need
a workspace, one room is plenty, but with electric and plumbing.
Nothing fancy. Also looking for jewelers in Ireland that might
volunteer to help me out with some other info, like the name of a
casting company in Ireland, source for gold and siver, etc.

Thanks so much!!
Amy Lyons

Hi Amy, First of all may I say Welcome to Ireland, and you are moving
to a very nice part of the capital indeed.

Try contacting the Craft Council of Ireland, they would have a list
of members in the north Dublin area, and you could try getting in
touch with the Malahide Chamber of Commerce. I have a friend who
lives in Malahide, he is not too big into the arts scene but says he
will make a few calls and get back to me early next week. I will let
you know what he finds out. For all your metal needs try Cookson
Precious Metal in Grafton Street, Dublin. Tools and tool supplies,
try P.J Dix and Co, 6 Aston Quay, Dublin. they would also be able to
tell you about casters, ( they are the only real specialist tool
dealers in the country, and they know everyone), or again try the
Craft Council, try talking to Jane Huston, she is in charge of the
Jewellery end of things for them and is very helpful. Hope this

Neil KilBane ,

“Hey” so your moving to Malahide?

I live on the northside of Dublin, and Malahide is a beautiful
area, you lucky devil!! its right on the sea, and the beach in
Pormarnock is really beautiful, the village has everything you could
want, nice restaurants, pubs and cafes, just a few steps away from
the marina. shopping, and you are a stones throw from Malahide
Castle and the beautiful Garden centre is just around the corner from
there, they have a really nice little restaurant,with great food! you
should check that out! I’m sure you must know the area or …well
you wouldn’t be moving there.

Leave it with me about the casting contacts, I do mostly
beadwork,and buy my silver (mostly findings) in England, but I have a
friend that will be able to help you with your enquires.

Probably best to wait till you get here to take a look for yourself,
at workshop/studio space.

But maybe the Dublin newspapers may be of some help in that
direction, get ready for the hike in prices, its expensive here! Check out the evening herald,
the independent, and Sunday independant at the above address.

You know I have been quite envious of the Orchid family get
togethers in the US, so maybe we can get the Irish family together at
this end! “would be nice don’t you think” ?

Nannyways, Ill be in touch with you concerning your enquiries. Best
wishes to you on the move, but just think what you have waiting for

God Bless
Tina, Dublin Ireland