Moving to Daytona Beach

Hi All,

Moving to Daytona Beach at the end of the month (heart thinking more
than head) :slight_smile: How are things with our profession. The same, quiet or
are you noticing an improvement? Am a full range bench jeweler for
thirty years. Any input would definitely be appreciated.



When I was in Daytona Beach looking around some years ago you might
like to read this.

There are some rather interesting week-end malls open for you to
cater to…There are only a few well seasoned trades-folks there. The
older/mature guys are soon going to be retiring, so if you do open up
a trade-shop/ kiosk…you might be rather $$ busy…:>)

Remember its motor-bike week soon and over 1/2 million biker
enthusiasts drive around, I suggest get yourself known and sell
silver-bike stuff…this is for next year…be, and get creative in
your designs.

Of all the cities in Florida, the best place to be…check
out the many jewellery stores and be seen. Advertise your time spent
at the bench, and your skills. Keep us all updated…


Hello Tim,

C’mon down! We’re located about thirty minutes southwest of Daytona.
As we don’t have a traditional bricks and mortar shop, we’re probably
not the best source for biz news. Pieces in our displays are selling,
but products are moving slowly. But, since we also own a real estate
company - we can tell you that real estate here in the Sunshine State
is dismal. Of course if you’re a buyer, you are in spectacular shape.
Home prices have plummeted, and buyers can pick up deals galore. Have
a few friends in the jewelry business and would be happy to share
that info with you. Lastly, for dinner we’ll be heading out in
shortsleeve shirts. With those to our north suffering under record
snowfalls - all in all it’s a pretty nice place to hang your hat.

Rgds…Ski & Cathy
Rocks to Gems


Next month? Well you will miss race weeks, this year, but you will
experience BIKE WEEK. How are you at black leather and Tattoos?
Probably not your best venue for quality items, but you never know.
Since my mother passed a couple of years ago, I haven’t been back
there, but knew it well over the last ten or twenty years. Good
luck, and if everything else fails, you can go check out the beach
for models!

Tom, heavy lifter for Designs by Suz