Moving sale

Hello fellow orchidians! On July 1st, I will be moving into a new
appartment where my workshop space will be considerably reduced. In
fact, I litterally lose that space. For that reason, my girlfriend
and I chose to sell tools that we bought but that we don’t absolutely
need. Every item you’ll see in this list is less than two years old
and some have never been used. If you are interested in any of these
items, write me off-list and I’ll give you the price of each. Here’s
what on sale:

  • 2 Smith Acetylene/air torches with four tips, six feet of hose and
    a single dial regulator. One has never been used and the other
    emptied a 12-lbs tank only. We sell these torches because we plan to
    buy a water torch. We currently solder jewelry illegally in our
    basement (gases are allowed up to 5 lbs in a house) and want to
    change methods for security, legality and environment reasons…

  • 1 Karat rolling mill with 5 4-inch rollers: 2 for sheet, 2 for
    wire and one for half-round wire. The rolling mill has never been
    used, rollers are still greasy and the three wire rollers are in
    their original boxes.

I live in Montreal, Canada, so freight charges could be on my bill,
depending on the costs… I’m as well looking for a water torch, as
you read upwards. I’ve seen those on sale at Rio Grande, but if
anyone has a used or a new one on sale in the 1000$ range, I could be

Thank you!
Benoit Hamel

Benoit, Sorry you are loosing so much room. I had a similar problem
when I moved from MD to FL some years ago.

Re the water torch…some time back, our Gem and Mineral Society in
Ft Lauderdale recevied a large donation of rough and jewelry
supplies. Amongst the boxes of stuff, were two water torches…one
well used and the other apparently brand new. It is just the
torch…no hoses, nothing else (though there may be other parts
somewhere in the mess). I have a set of instructions as well that I
can fine I’m sure. The Society members will probably never use either
and I prefer other torches so they really are excess to our needs.
Maybe we can even do some exchanging??

If you would be interested, contact me off line at below address and
I can provide more details.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

Hello Benoit! I am an art jeweller living in Vancouver. I graduated
last year from Alberta college of art and design in Calgary. I am
interested in the price of the rolling mill - I expect that I cannot
afford it yet, but I thought I should ask anyway! Nice to hear about
to someone from Canada! Best regards Louise Perrone

Hello Louise, If you are setting up shop in Vancouver I suggest you
visit Mountain Gems in Burnaby. They often have used tools and
equipment, they sell jewellery supplies, often cheaper than
downtown, plus they have a shop full of rocks which can be most

In sunny Vancouver too.