Moving sale - used bench, kiln and small tools

Hi everyone, I am moving to a smaller apartment so have to sell most of my jewelry tools. Most of these tools are used less than one year. I am located in Rhode Island. I can deliver to Boston or nearby areas or you are welcome to come and have a look in person!

Bench: bought on Amazon PMC Store for $500; sell for $250
Enamel kiln: this thing works perfect, barely had any issues with it. Bought it for 1000+, sell for $500
Drill Press: $35

Also have a bunch of smaller tools like mallets and enamel accessories also for sale, feel free to reply me or contact me at 9124840230! Thanks.

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If you see anything in the picture you are interested, they are all for sale!

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Thanks for letting us know!! Good luck in your move!!


Your work space is so neat. What do you have your kiln sitting on and surrounded with? Ive been using mine outside my shop on bricks, so thats a great addition!

It looks like very thick kiln brick??