Moving on

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to relocate myself and my small jewelry studio to
Albuquerque New Mexico (or thereabouts) and am seeking
about the area. Specifically, I would like a few
leads on where to begin my search for suitable accommodations.
Will be renting for a couple of years before deciding whether or
not to buy a house. I have heard that there are some “artist
communities” in and around that area and that sounds like just
the thing for me. Any help pointing me in the right direction
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Nathan Curtin

Nathan, start by calling the Albuq. Chamber of Commerce, ask for
a relocation packet - call in the AM Abq. time and talk to
Marilyn Hanson (MiMi). As for accomodations… you name it,
it’s here! If you want to start with “jewelry communities”…
there really isn’t one as such, although there are a tremendous
number of jewelers dealing/using silver in this area. Down town
Old Town area is loaded with retail outlets, although that does
not mean the artists/jewelers live in the area. There are also
suburbs… Corrales, Rio Rancho, Paradise Hills, Taylor Ranch.
Then Cedar Crest and Madrid on the east side of the mountains.
Most of your decisions need to be based upon where you really
want to live. Abq. is getting to be like most of the ‘big
cities’… higher prices, lower quality, higher crime…
although, most of your suppliers will be in Abq. in the suburbs
you will either “shop by mail” or drive 30-45 mins to get your
stuff. I live in Rio Rancho, and I will never, ever move back
to Abq. Check with MiMi (my sister) and see if she can give you
some more pointers. Good Luck, 'RED" e-mail add:

Nathan… oops… forgot to gove you the phone number!! Albuq.
Chamber of Commerce: 505-764-3700… When you get the ‘voice
mail’ stuff just press ‘0’ (zero) for the operator… ‘RED’