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Moving and shipping

Hello all,

I have finely committed to moving and am very happy about it even
though it won’t be until this summer.

I will be moving to Bahrain and wonder if there is any one who lives
in one of the gulf countries and can tell me if there are any items
which are hard to get there for someone doing jewelry making? For
example, here we can’t buy silver sheet or wire which isn’t roughly
hand made and not pure and certainly not smooth or flat. So I buy some
on every trip to Canada or Europe to bring back. Also there is no
pickle or solders worth anything. So I think that maybe there are
items which I can’t get when I move to the gulf. Any advice would
help. Thanks a lot.

Sharron in Saigon where its a beautiful sunny day waiting for TET
(lunar new year) when the whole country shuts down for between 5 days
to two weeks. But good for me to be able to work at my bench for as
many hours as I want.

I believe that Bahrain is a fairly established jewellery
manufacturing center, and you should be able to buy most tools, sheet
stock etc. there. If you won’t find it in Bahrain, you would probably
be able to get it shipped from Dubai which is a trading center of the
region. A trip to Dubai will be well worth it, in any case. Best of

Regards from Karachi, Pakistan.

Saeed Motiwala, G.G.
Shaikha Jewellers.