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Moved by Modernism


When I was a child my father would create beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewelry in a small studio in our house. I never gave it much thought other than to enjoy the pieces he gave me.
Fast forward 50 years and I have been creating jewelry at his bench for 35 years.
I am beginning to look back at the jewelers who were the foundation of American Modernism jewelry including my father.
These pieces are a nod to inspirational makers such as Ruth Roach, Art Smith, Sam Kramer and Merry Rink. me to


Great piece, definitely a fan of modernism myself.


I really need your email address. You are so deserving to have all 6
folders of files on setting.

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.



Very nice. How do you make your textures?


I use a stamping tool I made.




Thank you so much! You compliment means a great deal, I’m a big admirer!


Great work, hints of 50’s / 60’s ethos. (with a bit of Calder thrown in ) (sounds like a recipe… sorry)
I really do like your approach.