Howdy All: I am somewhat of a beginner at drafting and graphics.
Have been having trouble…well, mostly frustration… with the mouse.

Since computers are my profession I will answer this one.

If your mouse moves smoothly but the cursor on the screen does move
with it this indicates that the contacts inside of the mouse are dirty.

Remove the ball from the mouse and inside you will see 2 rollers that
normally press against it. Remove anything that may be clogging them or
gunk (a truly technical term) sticking to them. I usually have to clean mine
off every month or so. A que tip will usually do but if you need to scrape
at it use a fingernail. This is soft enough to not damage the roller.

Next you want to remove any foreign substances from the ball itself.
Usually just wiping it down with a soft cloth is sufficient. When it is
clean the ball will be slightly tacky and a little rough. If if feels too smooth
it will not grip the mouse pad and needs to be replaced.

And lastly make sure to use a clean mouse pad.

If these instructions do not make a difference then it is probably time to
buy a new mouse.

Sean Ellwood, USR Megahertz
inept jeweler but learning