Mounting tapered pear bezel to wire shank

Hello! This is my first post to the Orchid forums after a few weeks
of lurking.

I’m trying to build a sterling silver ring using cast tapered pear
bezels to a ring formed out of 4x2 comfort fit sterling silver sizing
stock. I am having all sorts of problems trying to get the proper
contour of the tapered bezel on my sizing stock. More often than not
in my first two attempts, I do not get a solid mate on the
cross-section and while it appears to take solder, it is probably not
very strong of a joint.

Does anyone have some tips on how to effectively transfer the
contour onto the sizing stock? Other tips on best technique to shape
it (currently using needle files - any other ways?) would be

Bonus Question - When I made the shank, I measured it out to be a
size 7, annealed it and formed it on the mandrel. Soldered it
together, rounded it and then tried to transfer the ‘shape’ of the
pear bezel to the shank. I used a saw to cut out the metal within my
lines and filed it as best as I thought I could get. After my file
butchery and soldering attempts, when I put it back on the mandrel to
check round, the ring went from a size 7 to about a 7 3/4. Did my
soldering job cause my ring stock to lengthen or did I somehow manage
to stretch the band somehow? Maybe I didn’t cut enough metal out to
compensate for the size of the bezel? Any thoughts on this would help
me refine my technique and be very appreciated as well.


Did you ever figure out this problem? I am having the exact same issues!

Well, it ends up that I need to just keep working it a little at a time and checking for fit. The cutout of an existing band works if I make the band small, but it just takes up more time than I want to invest in the piece. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ultimately it ends up being faster for me now to do it in CAD, 3D print it and and cast it.