Mounting enamels on lucite

Hi…I keep seeing references to enamel plaques being
mounted on Lucite. I know nothing about this material,
and am not sure of the benefits. I nice clean modern
look maybe? Does anyone know about purchasing or using
this material?


Karen: I for years made large wall pieces made up of reverse painted
plexiglas with fine silver cloisonne’ on copper attached to the surface.
I used metalic automobile lacquers and the look of the metalic behind the
plexi gave a similare lovely look like the transparent enamels on the
copper. I made many of them and sold them through art fairs and Mindscape

The best way to attach the enamel to a plastic is to use a silicon glue.
Do not use an adhesive that becomes brittle. You need flexibility to hold
the enamel and plastic together for the long run. This is due to heat and
cold affecting the expansion and contraction of two separate types of
materials. When I did outdoor shows, in cold and rain, and in blazing hot
sun. The enamels and plexiglas were fine. They still are after 25 years!

When my web page is up hopefully late summer there will be photographs of
this kind of work. YES! I finally registered my domain
name. Thanks to Albert Lewis of “GLASS Commom Ground” and International
Guild of Glass Artists . Pat

Re: enamel plaques mounted on Lucite.

I used to mount some enamel plaques on Lucite (plexiglass). The enamel
looks like it is floating in space, but you have to cut the Lucite ( a
band saw works well, and then polish the edges. I used contact cement to
glue the enamel on. I drilled a hole for hanging where the enamel covered
it, and also made some small ones for paper weights.

Specialized plastics stores sell this material, 1/4" is a good thickness
to use.

Donna in WY, where it snowed yesterday.