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Mountain Jewelers' Guild, Press Release

Hi all, If any of you will be in Denver for our shows, I’d love to
meet you! In addition to our booth, we’ll have a hospitality room
and open house Friday night, April 17, during The Spring Show in
the Rockies, Room #824/825. Hope to see you all there! Karen

Joseph Bowersmith is pleased to announce the formation of Mountain
Jewelers’ Guild.

Guild president, Bowersmith, says, “The guild will act as an
incubator for ideas, techniques, and marketing ideas for its
members. We’re all very excited about working together. Our members
work in all areas of silver and goldsmithing, lapidary, and various
jewelry making arts.”

The Guild will work to increase public awareness of its members as
a group and individually through press releases, open-houses, and
participation in shows, both locally and nationwide.

“We have a wide range of abilities and styles within our
membership, and are always learning new techniques, or adapting old
ones to suit our needs. Guild members are working in not only
traditional and contemporary styles, but everything inbetween. We
have an innovative group of people.” During the Spring ‘98 show
season, Mountain Jewelers’ Guild will participate at The Spring
Show in the Rockies Booth #26, April 17-19 at the Best Western
Hotel (formerly the Travelodge)in Denver, and Rockin’ Into Spring
April 24-26 at the Best Western Hotel (formerly the Travelodge) in
Denver, and Mile Hi Rock and Mineral Show, June 11-14 at the
Westminster Mall.

The founding members of Mountain Jewelers’ Guild are:

Buzz Baker, traditional silversmithing, knifemaking, and lapidary.
Belinda Bowersmith, contemporary silversmithing and beadwork.
Joseph Bowersmith, custom design goldsmithing, gem cutting, and
repairs. Karen Hemmerle, one-of-a-kind silver and gold art jewelry.
Terry Kille, original design silver and gold jewelry and lapidary.
Ben Montoya, one-of-a-kind gem cutting and contemporary
silversmithing. Joanne Osler, contemporary overlay jewelry and
silversmithing. Grace Quade, one-of-a-kind contemporary silver- and
goldsmithing. Hugo Romero, traditional overlay jewelry and
silversmithing. Aimee Smookler, contemporary silversmithing and